Ted Forbes
Ted Forbes

Ted Forbes is a photographer, filmmaker and media producer. He has a popular web series, works as the multimedia producer for the Dallas Museum of Art, and teaches at Brookhaven College. His work can be seen at http://theArtofPhotography.tv .

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  • 11 min
    Photography lesson
    The Zone System
    A lesson with Ted Forbes
    View lesson

    In this lesson, learn Ansel Adams’ method for determining which exposure for film will create the best print—then start shooting your own masterpieces!

  • 15 min
    Adobe Suite lesson
    Zone System Approach to HDR Techniques
    A lesson with Ted Forbes
    View lesson

    Learn how to improve your digital photography using HDR techniques. Apply these tips to capture the full range of brights and darks in a scene to avoid over- and under-exposure.

  • 10 min
    Photography lesson
    How to Convert Photos to Black and White
    A lesson with Ted Forbes
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    When shooting a black and white photo, learn why it is actually better to shoot in color and then convert your image to black and white when editing.

  • 15 min
    Photography lesson
    A History of Image Making
    A lesson with Ted Forbes
    View lesson

    Did you know that the science of photography dates back thousands of years? Learn about the history of image making in this lesson from The Art of Photography.

  • 15 min
    Light & Exposure lesson
    Exposure, Aperture, and Shutter Speed
    A lesson with Ted Forbes
    View lesson

    Demystify your digital camera with this beginner’s lesson about photography! Use these techniques for high-quality portraits, landscapes, and action shots.

  • 9 min
    Photography lesson
    The Creative Process and the Rule of Thirds
    A lesson with Ted Forbes
    View lesson

    In this photography tutorial, Ted Forbes discusses the creation of art, and focuses on composition and the guideline known as the Rule of Thirds.

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