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How Your Vocal Chords Work When You Sing

Ever wondered how the human voice works? Singing anatomy is crucial in learning how to stretch your own capabilities. Explore your voice in this lesson.
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Qess o
5:33 PM 08 October 2015
This was wonderful
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Kaylan S
1:14 AM 20 September 2014
Thanks I really needs that
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Ula M
9:34 PM 06 September 2014
I am a singer and I found this pod very interesting.I like the idea of kind of "playing " with my voice to creat different sound as you alluded to . Instead of trying over and over to achieve the same quality of sound.Could you cover extending the upper part of one's range for women, please? I get constricted up where I should still be able to sing.Also, I would appreciate some warm-up exercises, please.Thank you so much.
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Jeshua B
2:59 AM 30 August 2014
Great lesson! It was very informative. ????
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Milica P
1:15 PM 26 June 2014
Great lesson !
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