Piano Sheet Music 101

A 14-part course with Shawn Cheek

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Course Overview

Sight reading sheet music. Does that sound intimidating? Not with this detailed course on how to sight read for beginners by professional musician and piano teacher Shawn Cheek! Shawn lays down the basics of sight reading, such as identifying musical notes and terms, and runs through multiple simple songs on the piano with you, step-by-step. Develop keyboard awareness; don’t just memorize the song, read the notes! You’ll have fun learning how to play in a ¾ time signature in the “C” and “G” positions, eventually sight reading while playing piano without looking at your hands. Improve your piano playing exponentially with each lesson in this course!


  • Total Time 3 hr, 39 min
  • Lessons 14
  • Attachment 1
  • Exercises 70
  • 118 CQ

14 Lessons in This Course

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