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Salsa Dance Steps for Beginners

Learn how to dance salsa - one step at a time! Take a dance class in the privacy of your home and learn the latin ballroom dance skills to impress.
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Ramya R
10:52 AM 19 November 2015
Awesome Tutorial. I can't dance at all..but I found ur video easy to follow
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Luz K
11:07 AM 04 August 2015
good lessons. you take your time. i like it cause its slow and clear.
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helen b
11:51 PM 22 May 2015
I found these very helpful and enjoyed it very much cant wait to watch next video
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Sandra H
6:21 PM 26 April 2015
We loved the lesson, looking forward to the next lesson
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marina v
4:09 PM 20 April 2015
Thank you, makes it look simple
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