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The Relationship Master
The Relationship Master

I help frustrated and stuck singles find a great partner and keep a great relationship. I love to learn and grow so Curious.com is a perfect fit for me! I have authored three books on the topics of relationships and dating. I am also the founder of The Organic Method of Dating, which is a healthy alternative to online dating. My life partner is Jessica Louise Li. She is a Clean Living Expert. Together, we co-founded The Sensational Sex Seminar to help couples and singles have deeper, more connected and fulfilling relationships inside and outside the bedroom.

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I'm thrilled to share my newest course, The Organic Method of Dating.

Find the love of your life without online dating! Join this organic dating course to discover why you're single, how to approach and ask someone out, and how to find the best partner for you.

Looking forward to seeing your Curious Assignment!

Curiously yours,
The Relationship Master


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