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My name is Diana, and I guess you can call me a recipe hacker because I'll take any recipe from any cookbook and create a gluten free, refined sugar free, dairy free, soy free and grain free alternative that tastes just as good... if not better.

My goal is to provide you with healthy, wholesome recipes that rock your world. If you'd like to learn healthier cooking techniques, discover wholesome ingredients, and to effortlessly shed some weight then you've come to the right place. Join the real food journey with me, it's a delicious and fun process!

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New Curious lesson - What Is the Paleo Diet?

I'm thrilled to share my newest lesson, 'What Is the Paleo Diet?'

Eating a Paleo diet doesn't mean you're stuck with chicken breasts and salad every day. Learn all about this delicious and exciting experience!

Happy Learning!

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    Wish you knew how to cook Paleo? This fun course will take you from zero to hero in the Paleo cooking department. From pizza to cake to faux fried foods, these Paleo dishes are truly delicious!

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