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I am Dane owner (on the right) of Rainford IT, Im 24 years old, my brother 21. I have set up this to reach out and use my knowelege of computers to help people figure it out, theres not a lot i cant fix i have a fascination with fixing computer problems. We both set up Rainford IT about 5 years ago around Whitchurch, Shropshire. I now do most of the IT work and my brother does websites but were both very good at teaching ourselves. He learnt to do websites from the internet and books since he was 12, as he didnt go to school he had all his time to learn. I went to school and college but never got into IT until after, when i did some work experience and loved it so much ended up staying on for a while and learning a lot. Ever since then iv just had a fascination for fixing problems on computers or learning something new about them therefor taught myself everything in the last 5 years starting out not charging anything just to learn, it was a gift to me somebody asking me to fix a new un-found solution to a computer problem.

I also have a passion of teaching and helping people with computer problems, its one of the most used things these days electronics and there some are not easy to learn, especially for older people that skipped the generation of technology. So when i go to a job im always very honest, never have anything to hide and will always show them what im doing how, and make sure they understand what i mean.

To finish dont hesitate to ever ask me a question in the page above ^ i would love to sit and figure it out for you this is why i have set up this website so i can communicate with the world and help more people cause just around my local area is not enough :). If you would like it to be private my personal email address is dane@rainfordstudios.co.uk.

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