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Professor Pincushion

Professor Pincushion has been picking up the thread and needle for over 15 years. She has experience in apparel and home decorating sewing, quilting, and embroidery. She’s taught private and group sewing lessons and continues to develop her own original projects featured on ProfessorPincushion.com, Family Fun Magazine, and multiple craft sites. Professor Pincushion strives to produce high quality, sewing tutorials so that anyone can learn how to sew.

Learn to Create Your Own Custom Skirt

Learn to Create Your Own Custom Skirt


Interested in designing your own clothes? Would you love to have a perfect fitting skirt? We have a new skirt course that's perfect for beginners.

Professor Pincushion will show you how to create custom pattern pieces based on your own measurements so you can get an awesome basic skirt. Once you have your patterns, you can view a demonstration on how to sew your skirt, add lining to it, and even add simple patch pockets. The best part is that this basic skirt will give you a great foundation for creating other styles of skirts.

Learning to design your own skirt has never been so easy, because we take you every step of the way from drafting to sewing.

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