Guide to Mountain Plants Of China

A 15-part course with Professor Paul Krause

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Course Overview

Whether a botanist, or a nature-loving armchair traveler, this in-depth course on the mountain plants of China is sure to delight and entertain! Professor Paul Krause—software engineer and world traveler—narrates the stunning views of China's Cangshan Mountains, the Zhongdian Plateau, Yunnan’s Stone Drum area, and Wolong. Enjoy gorgeous close-ups of orchids, gentians, ginger, and dozens of other native Chinese plants. Get ready to take notes, and plan your own botanical adventure trip to China!


  • Total Time 4 hr, 33 min
  • Lessons 15
  • Attachments 8
  • Exercises 83
  • 143 CQ

15 Lessons in This Course

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