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Workouts with Kira: Pilates, Targeted, Barre & More

Learn Pilates, Targeted Workouts, and even Ballet Barre from teacher of the top ranking Pilates App on the iTunes App Store. Kira has series to help you improve core strength and build long, lean, functional muscles. Additional series include ballet fit which will focus on toning while developing grace and posture, and hardcore workouts which are upbeat and challenging sessions to take your fitness to the next level. She trained and taught at Pacific Northwest Ballet, and is a certified Pilates instructor. She has an MS from Pepperdine University and a BA from the University of Washington, a passion for teaching, and a love of fitness, ballet, and sports.

Post Turkey Day Tone Up!

Post Turkey Day Tone Up!

Ready for a new lesson? This one is strategically placed for your post Thanksgiving plan! I am excited to share my lesson, Jump-2-Fit Cardio Tone & Pilates Finish.

Strengthen and tone all your body’s muscles while burning calories in this interval training session with a Pilates finish by Kira from Pilates Barre Workouts!

Happy Learning!
Kira Elste

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