Is Autism a Disability?

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Ever wonder if autism is a disability? This lesson explores the definition of disability looking at the medical and social models and how they relate to autism.

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Dakota S
This video was very thought provoking. I never did think of it that society impairs the ‘disabled’ with discrimination and neglect. I knew not all disabled people don’t actually need to be fixed, but perhaps that’s what they believe solely because of the society they grew up in.
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Gavin O
This lesson really helped me. I known I had autism all my life and I've always felt that I was less than everyone else. It was so bad that I had zero self confidence for years. But, learning about neurodiversity and the definition of disability helped me break out of my self destructive mindset. Thank you.
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Aurora C
Hey, great video. Thanks for discussing such an important issue. I have an older brother who is a high-functioning autistic. We didn't find out about it until he was a teenager. He's now in his late 20s Anyways, what can I do to help him? I don't want to 'fix' him. I just see him struggling socially and getting hurt by people because he can't pick up that they are just using him and don't really care about him. I just don't want him to continue to get hurt by people who aren't healthy.
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Bill P
This is the first step in my understanding the needs of a great grand child who is said to be autistic....
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