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Neil Creek

I am a visual person, and I have a keen affinity for beauty. I am driven to capture sights and emotions that move me, so that I can move others who see my photography.

I have a thirst for knowledge, and I am always looking to improve my skills and add new techniques to my repertoire. I am especially passionate about panoramic photography, macro photography and pushing the boundaries with experimental and abstract photography.

As I push photography in an artistic direction, I also continually hone and refine my professional photographic skills, especially portrait, product and travel photography.

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Lesson | Using Remote Camera Releases

Have you checked out my $1 lesson on Curious? Using Remote Camera Releases.

Learn how to use a remote camera release to get perfectly clear images. These versatile tools will help you get great time-lapse and extended exposure shots.

I have many other lessons on Curious, some free, others only a few dollars. I'd love you to take a look and let me know what you think by leaving a comment.


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