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Being an artist is about making meaning from the experiences we face--and searching for the truth about life in all its complexity. This is beauty. It isn't an idealized, sentimentalized beauty, but one that might be difficult to gaze into because of the pain and dissonance it contains. It can be shared with compassion and even gratitude, and these qualities bring the great works of art above other kinds of expressions, the ones that shout out in the moment, but then fade into the cacophony of life. Artistic expression resonates, not just for a day, but through time, because no matter what culture and no matter what time period we are from, we all face the same pressure of mortality and frailty that pull us one way and the longing to live life to the fullest that pulls us another.

I hope that these videos I have posted can help people find a way to use art to express their journey.


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