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Scott Ford,M.Ed., has been an educator for over 16 years. He has had the honor of teaching and developing courses for high schools, colleges, the FBI, DEA and CIA.

He has spoken to groups around the United States about technology, educational technology and public policy. In addition to his speaking engagements, Scott hosts a radio talk show, and manages a popular YouTube channel that is seen by students all around the globe.

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How To Build A Huge Following On Twitter For Low To No Budget

*Did You Know That Over 65% of Americans Use Some Type of Social Media Platform Almost Daily?
*Did You Know That Over 71% of People That Follow You On Social Media Will Purchase Your Products Or Goods

In This Lesson You Will Learn:
-Who Is Using Social Media And What Platforms They Are Using
-Demographic Information So You Can Fine Tune Your Marketing Efforts
-The Hidden Secrets To Successful Posts onTwitter
-How To Engage Followers And Get Increased Interactions

Scott Ford, M.Ed. is an award winning instructor that has reached thousands of people around the world with his educational videos. His content is used by colleges and public schools within the US and around the globe. He has built a following of over 50,000 fans across his social media platforms and all for little to no money.

Scott Ford, M.Ed.
President Of Mr. Ford's Class


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