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July 10, 2020

Word of the Day: Pace

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Word of the Day : September 28, 2017

pace \PAY-see\ preposition


: contrary to the opinion of — usually used as an expression of deference to someone's contrary opinion


Pace the editorialist, there are in fact multiple solutions to these kinds of problems.

"The public museums, great and small, that are one of America's educational glories house collections expensively assembled by rich men and (pace Isabella Gardner and Baltimore's Cone sisters) women with lofty but not selfless motives." — John Updike, The New York Review of Books, 5 Oct. 2006

Did You Know?

Though used in English since the 19th century, the preposition pace has yet to shed its Latin mantle, and for that reason it's most at home in formal writing or in contexts in which one is playing at formality. The Latin word pace is a form of pax, meaning "peace" or "permission," and when used sincerely the word does indeed suggest a desire for both. This Latin borrowing is unrelated to the more common noun pace (as in "keeping pace") and its related verb ("pacing the room"); these also come from Latin, but from the word pandere, meaning "to spread."

Aired September 28, 2017

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Joseph S
1 a single step taken when walking or running. • a unit of length representing the distance between two successive steps in walking. • a gait of a horse or other animal, especially one of the recognized trained gaits of a horse. • literary a person's manner of walking or running: I steal with quiet pace. 2 consistent and continuous speed in walking, running, or moving: most traffic moved at the pace of the riverboat | [ in sing. ] : walking at a comfortably fast pace.
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