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August 3, 2020

Word of the Day: Knee-jerk

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Word of the Day : October 20, 2017

knee-jerk \NEE-jerk\ adjective


: readily predictable : automatic; also : reacting in a readily predictable way


The letter to the editor asserted that the proposed institution of a curfew was a knee-jerk reaction to the problem of an uptick of nighttime crime in the city.

"The habitual or knee-jerk apologist runs a great risk of losing herself through all her apologies. She sees so many of the things she does as offenses or wrongs and takes responsibility for things that are not properly hers." — Peg O'Connor, Psychology Today, 23 June 2017

Did You Know?

Around 1876, the sudden involuntary extension of the leg in response to a light blow just below the knee, which is also known as the patellar reflex, was given the refreshingly simple designation knee jerk. In the 1950s, knee-jerk became an adjective with a figurative sense that doesn't require any actual twitching. "As a salesman, I'm getting a bit weary of the knee-jerk association of a con artist with my professional calling," a correspondent once wrote to The New York Times Magazine. Knee-jerk often has a negative connotation. It usually denotes a too-hasty, impulsive, perhaps even irrational response that is often based on preconceived notions.

Aired October 20, 2017

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It’s also a used to describe a wrestler who keeps kicking his opponent in the bony joint area between the shin and the thigh, and therefore is not well liked by fans or opponents. However former victims of childhood bullying by said opponent celebrate by rubbing elbows with their each other.
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