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November 21, 2019

Word of the Day: Adjure

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Word of the Day : February 10, 2017

adjure \uh-JOOR\ verb


1 : to command solemnly under or as if under oath or penalty of a curse

2 : to urge or advise earnestly


The church has strong ties to the community and has long adjured its congregants to devote time to the aid of those less fortunate than themselves.

"… there is a hunger—in part perhaps because of public pressure—for general legislative reforms. Some are pushing for lawmakers to adjure outside income altogether, while others—including Cuomo—are seeking to cap it." — Matthew Hamilton, The Times-Union (Albany, New York), 23 Feb. 2016

Did You Know?

Adjure and its synonyms entreat, importune, and implore all mean "to ask earnestly." Adjure implies advising as well as pleading, and is often accompanied by the invocation of something sacred ("in God's name, I adjure you to cease"). Entreat implies an effort to persuade or overcome resistance ("he gently entreated her to stay"). Importune goes further, adding a sense of annoying persistence in trying to break down resistance to a request ("importuning viewers for contributions"). Implore, on the other hand, suggests a great urgency or anguished appeal on the part of the speaker ("she implored the king to have mercy").

Aired February 10, 2017

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