Maria De Noda
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Maria De Noda
CSV Yoga Master Trainer, Founder of Natural Flow Vinyasa™

Maria is a dynamic and transformative yoga teacher who takes a no nonsense approach to flow and anatomy to bring you to the next level in your practice and life. She offers classes and workshops across the country and online to bring you new and empowering ways to find a healthier, happier and stronger you. Maria is the founder of Natural Flow Vinyasa™ and a 500-hour Core Strength Vinyasa Master Trainer who has studied under the guidance of Sadie Nardini for many years. Learn to enhance your practice by using new anatomy and working with your deep core line. Maria will show you how you can practice in a safer and more accurate way for your body.

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New Curious lesson - Mastering the Splits with Yoga

I am excited to share my latest lesson on Curious, Mastering the Splits with Yoga!

Have you always wanted to do the splits? With this lesson, Maria De Noda shows how to use yoga to stretch the body and get you to the splits position.

Looking forward to seeing your Curious Assignment!

Maria De Noda

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