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LearnToProgram is a leading publisher of web, mobile and game development courses that are used by individuals and companies worldwide. Based outside of Hartford, Connecticut, the LearnToProgram team is dedicated to teaching more people to program than any other company on the face of the Earth. Our authors are among the most experienced in the field-- and they have one important thing in common: LearnToProgram authors consider themselves teachers first and technical experts second. The primary skill of a LearnToProgram author is communication-- and you will always find our courses easy to understand and easy to complete.

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  • 32
    32-part Apple iOS course
    Coding iPhone Apps in Xcode
    A 32-part course with LearnToProgram
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    With the spread of tablets and smartphones, there are more opportunities for programmers than ever before. In this intermediate-level course, get your start as a developer for Apple iOS devices!

  • 34
    34-part PHP course
    GitHub Fundamentals
    A 34-part course with LearnToProgram
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    This course explains all of the fundamental aspects of navigating the GitHub interface, as well as how to use GitHub’s collaborative features and manage code uploaded to the platform.

  • 36
    36-part HTML & CSS course
    Introduction to PHP and MySQL
    A 36-part course with LearnToProgram
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    Used on servers all over the Net, PHP is one of the most important web development tools. Learn the basics of PHP, and how to use the programming language to run, access, and edit a MySQL database!

  • 42
    42-part Android course
    Learn to Code Android Apps
    A 42-part course with LearnToProgram
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    Jump-start your Android development skills with Learn to Program! This beginner-level course starts with a review of the Java principles you need to understand before designing more complex programs, including inheritance and interfaces. Then, start working with Android SDK—the bundle of free tools for developers. Learn how to structure your application, add graphics, build an effective architecture, and add the bells and whistles before testing out the program with an emulator and going live!

  • 24
    24-part HTML & CSS course
    Learn to Code CSS
    A 24-part course with LearnToProgram
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    Develop expertise in website design and turn your plain HTML webpage into a stylistic treat using CSS! By the end of this course, you’ll be able to create the perfect look and feel for any website.

  • 27
    27-part HTML & CSS course
    Learn to Code HTML & CSS
    A 27-part course with LearnToProgram
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    Learning how to code has never been so simple! This 27-lesson beginner’s course from Learn to Program teaches you how to create a website from scratch using HTML and CSS. Start with an overview of web development before delving into the structure of HTML and XHTML documents. By the end of this course, you’ll know how to code links, inputs, and comments in HTML; style and format content with CSS; and more. Each lesson is accompanied by a screencast and exercises to reinforce your understanding.

  • 19
    19-part HTML & CSS course
    Learn to Code JavaScript
    A 19-part course with LearnToProgram
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    Want to add a layer of interactivity to your HTML website without wasting time on a programming language that isn’t built to last? Whether you’re new to coding or looking to brush up on old skills, you’ll find everything you need to know about JavaScript basics in these 19 lessons. Learn how to use operators, variables, conditional statements, loops, and more. By the end of this course, you should have the necessary tools to start building your own dynamic website or browser-based game.

  • 13
    13-part JavaScript course
    Learn to Code jQuery
    A 13-part course with LearnToProgram
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    Familiar with JavaScript and wondering what’s next? In this course, follow along with coding examples and lab exercises to learn how to build more interactive and intuitive websites using jQuery.

  • 9
    9-part Python course
    Learn to Code Python Games
    A 9-part course with LearnToProgram
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    Want to design and program your own game using one of the most common languages in PC game building? In this course, LearnToProgram teaches you how to create a basic, text-based game called “Monster."

  • 21
    21-part Python course
    Learn to Code Python | Part 1
    A 21-part course with LearnToProgram
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    Want to learn a programming language that emphasizes readability without sacrificing power? Python is the one for you. In this beginner's course, Learn to Program guides you through Python’s lists, conditional statements, loops, and more. If you are already proficient in a similar object-oriented language such as C or Java, learning the essentials of Python will be a piece of cake; if you've never written a single line of code, these crystal-clear lessons will make learning a new language as painless as possible.

  • 22
    22-part Python course
    Learn to Code Python | Part 2
    A 22-part course with LearnToProgram
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    Have you already tackled the basics of Python? Are you itching to move on to more challenging, interactive programming? In this 22-lesson, intermediate-level course, Alex Bowers from Learn to Program breaks down concepts such as user input, methods, classes, and inheritance. Start incorporating external files and databases with the help of SQL, and even write your own functions. When you’re done, put your coding skills to the test with Learn to Program’s advanced course on developing games with Python.

  • 33
    33-part UI/UX Design course
    Principles of Design for Coders
    A 33-part course with LearnToProgram
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    If you're familiar with writing HTML, Java, or CSS -- then you know that there's more to creating a website or app than just writing reliable code. The project also needs the right look and feel to engage the user and provide a high-quality user experience. In this course, learn about the fundamental principles of design. Learn about using color, space, typography, layout hierarchy, and more. Finally, review user expectations and learn how to create a design that meets them!

  • 41
    41-part SQL Databases course
    SQL Database Design for Beginners
    A 41-part course with LearnToProgram
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    Developing a relational database with SQL is within grasp in this comprehensive, beginner- to intermediate-level programming course! By the end of this course, understand how to work fluently in SQL.

  • 60
    60-part Productivity course
    User Experience Design Fundamentals
    A 60-part course with LearnToProgram
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    Understanding the technical aspects of application development is tough enough, and if coders made apps for themselves, that would be the only important thing. Yet out in the world, programmers face demanding clients and users. In this course, learn the principles of User Experience Design. Review how to plan and scope a project, identify user needs, manage the project team, and finally test and prototype a functional, navigable, and visually appealing app that pleases the client and the user.

Other Lessons by LearnToProgram

  • 7 min
    HTML & CSS lesson
    How to Use an HTML5 Canvas
    A lesson with LearnToProgram
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    HTML5 is the way of the future, so learn how to draw and even create interactive games using Canvas in this lesson from Mark Lassoff at Learn to Program.

  • 4 min
    HTML & CSS lesson
    HTML Forms: Required Fields & Patterns
    A lesson with LearnToProgram
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    In this lesson from Learn to Program, learn how to get the exact information that you want by using HMTL to make any field a required field.

  • 5 min
    Mobile Apps lesson
    How to Use Adobe PhoneGap Build
    A lesson with LearnToProgram
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    If you are working on building the next awesome mobile app, learn how to use Adobe PhoneGap Build to create your application for multiple platforms in minutes.

  • 9 min
    Android lesson
    Using Android Shared Preferences
    A lesson with LearnToProgram
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    For all you Android app writers, this lesson teaches you how to save time by using Android shared preferences to create a “settings” page for your app.