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Professional Music Theory EDUcation
Pop & Jazz Music Theory and Harmony

You are a singer, bass player or drummer and music theory is a tough challenge for you? You want to learn more about music theory to improve on your harmony- or melody-instrument? You wonder about the inner works of Pop- and Jazz music? You need to prepare for an audition or an exam at music college? Or you simply feel hopeless in your music theory classes because you "just don't get it"? There are so many reasons to be curious about music theory and here is the perfect course for you.
University Lecturer and composer Dominik Schirmer takes you by the hand and explores musical tools of Jazz- and Pop-music theory and harmony, together with you. Step by step.
You will connect your the knowledge of chords and scales directly to your practice. You will strengthen the creation process of your songwriting and composing and get new and fresh ideas.

For over 5 years Dominik Schirmer was University lecturer for Music Theory, Composition for Film & Media and Arrangement on the Bachelor Degree Course at Paul McCartney's University "Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts", leading and preparing hundreds of students to a successful career in music.

Before he had studied Jazz Piano and Popular Music at the ARTEZ Conservatoire Enschede in the Netherlands (1997-2001) with Sebastian Altekamp, as well as Film-Composition, Arrangement, Songwriting and Music Production at the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA (2001-2004)).

Whilst living for over 12 years in the United Kingdom, Dominik has been commissioned compositional work for a variety of Theatre productions, Radio Programmes and short movies and has worked as a Musical Director for theatre shows and larger ensembles.

His tutors were Sir Paul McCartney, Tracy Chapman, Mike Walker, Gary Carpenter and Paul Mitchell-Davidson. In 2004 Dominik won the Greenberg-Award for “Expertise in Jazz” and graduated with a First Class Degree with honours.


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