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Formal Greetings

by Learn French Now!

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Conversational French for Beginners
Lesson 1 – "Formal Greetings" by Learn French Now!
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What you'll learn in this course

Whether you are planning a trip to Paris or just want to order un café the right way, there has never been a better time or easier way to learn French. Perfect for travelers and students alike, this course will build the foundations you need to walk the streets of Paris confidently. Each new word is reinforced through video, images, and written text—then tested with simple exercises. Before you know it, voilà, you will be able to flirt and order a baguette like a true Parisian!

Bonjour! Learn French Now! makes learning conversational French easy by teaching common French words and phrases like ‘hello’, ‘goodbye’, and ‘how are you?’.
  • Hello
  • Exercise - Appeler
  • How Are You?
  • Exercise - Aller
  • Exercise - Comment allez-vous?
  • Very Well
  • Exercise - Tres Bien
  • Goodbye
  • Exercise - Adieu
  • Final Assignment
Plural Nouns and Articles
3 min
Learn More
In French, a banana is “une banane.” What if you have two? This lesson will take you through the basics of pluralizing French articles and nouns.
  • Lesson Intro
  • Plural Forms
  • Exercise - Un and Une
  • Examples
  • Exercise - La Banane
  • Lesson Overview
  • Exercise - Common Plural Forms
  • Final Assignment
Phrases for Speaking | Pt 2
7 min
Learn More
Once you are comfortable using the French verb parler in basic contexts, apply it to more specific situations, such as talking to multiple people.
  • Lesson Intro
  • Review & Pronunciation
  • Exercise - La Cédille
  • Talking to a Friend
  • Exercise - Talking to a Friend
  • Talking to a Policeman, Clerk
  • Exercise - Talking to the Waiter
  • Plural
  • Exercise - Au and Aux
  • Talking About
  • Exercise - Talking about You
  • Final Assignment
The Verb "To Go" | Pt 1
5 min
Learn More
In this lesson by Learn French Now!, learn how to use the highly irregular verb “aller” to show that you are going to one of several destinations.
  • Lesson Intro
  • Conjugation
  • Exercise - Verb Aller - Liaisons
  • Beach, School, University
  • Exercise - Going to the beach
  • Work, Office, House, Home
  • Exercise - Going home
  • Final Assignment
  • 28 step-by-step lessons to master what's important
  • 245 minutes of learning-packed video that isn't sleep-inducing
  • 120 exercises and 28 assignments with personalized teacher feedback
100% Money Back Guarantee
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When you take this course you will be joining an active community of 18500 students already learning together. And more are joining every day! Students at Curious love to learn together and help each other out. Meet a few of your virtual coursemates below.

"Now I can have a basic conversation with someone from a French-speaking country."

— Jack P.

"You make learning so simple and engaging. Thank you!!"

— Kimberly H.

"This will be very helpful for when I go to France next summer!"

— Derek C.

"Brought back memories of my French class in school and to be honest I learned more here!"

— Lucy P.

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