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Joyce Maynard's Homemade Apple Pie

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Joyce Maynard shows you how to make her famous apple pie, adapted from a family recipe and featured in the upcoming film adaptation of her novel, “Labor Day.”

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Ann D
Loved your lesson! My mom taught me to make pies, pretty much just the way you did. She used Crisco as well, I tried the butter but it wasn't as flaky. Loved the idea of using both. My pies aren't always pretty either, but they taste good and people rave about them! Thanks for sharing your love of pies????
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Ellen D
Loved every minute of it.
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sue S
Amazing! She's going to be one GREAT grandma!!!!!
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margaret C
really enjoyed this apple pie from Joyce Maynard. I make pies but with store bought because I am one of those that fear making my own crust. I will certainly try her method! Now if only she had one for pecan pie!
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Valerie R
Thank you Joyce it looks delicious!! I have only used a food processor to make my crusts, my mother made them like you with her hands, my mother would make wonderful pies. I will try it without the machine after watching this. Such a fan of yours love love your voice you are truly beautiful.
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