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Johnny Molloy
Outdoor Adventurer/Guidebook Author

Johnny Molloy is a writer and adventurer based in Johnson City, Tennessee. His outdoor passion ignited on a backpacking trip in Great Smoky Mountains National Park while attending the University of Tennessee. That first foray unleashed a love of the outdoors that led Johnny to spend over 3,500 nights backpacking, canoe camping and tent camping over the past three decades. Friends enjoyed his outdoor adventure stories; one even suggested he write a book. He pursued his friend’s idea and soon parlayed his love of the outdoors into an occupation. The results of his efforts are over 60 books and guides. His writings include hiking guidebooks, camping guidebooks, paddling guidebooks, comprehensive guidebooks about a specific area and true outdoor adventure books throughout the Eastern United States.
Though primarily involved with book publications, Molloy writes for varied magazines, for Web sites and is a columnist and feature writer for his local paper, the Johnson City Press. He continues writing and traveling extensively throughout the United States, endeavoring in a variety of outdoor pursuits.
A Christian, Johnny is an active member of First Presbyterian Church in Johnson City, Tennessee. His non-outdoor interests include reading, American history and University of Tennessee sports. For the latest on Johnny, please visit his website.

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