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I Live In The Bay Area
roker Associate & Investment Consultant

I'm an associate broker who has been practicing since 2006. Nearly all business generated comes through referrals from satisfied clients such as:

-Experienced and first time investors seeking multifamily and retail units.
-Owner-user industrial buyers (sales / leasing).
-Syndication of investment opportunities.

It is very fulfilling for me to see my clients - who have little to no trust in the stock market and have seen their property equity vanish - see satisfying returns of their cash on cash before taxes. I have assisted clients who are highly experienced as well as those who have little to no market knowledge as well.

I am very proficient at analyzing a properties potential along with knowing the local market area. I can analyze income vs. potential cost stream and determine at what point the building(s) will become profitable and by how much. Since most of my clients are looking for supplemental or retirement income I always use conservative figures. With just as great efficiency I am able to analyze a current tenants needs and guide them into the markets that will best serve them based on demographic conditions, income levels, brand recognition, etc.

-Commercial real estate acquisitions, depositions and leasing
-Tenant representation
-Educating investors on current market conditions
-Assisting inexperienced investors in understanding basic economics trends and formulas

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