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Steve McLean
Organic Gardening and Sustainability Lessons by Steve from iCultivate

Steve McLean is an educator with over 30 years experience of providing Biology courses at Senior School level in Australia and "A" Level in the United Kingdom.

He has a love of gardening and is passionate about combining this with his biological knowledge and his education experience to help others on their Organic Gardening journey.

This led to him founding iCultivate, an online community born out of a love of gardening and a desire to learn more and share information about the principles that guide, organic gardening and sustainability.

Much of the iCultivate philosophy is based around the following:

"Look after family, friends and community. Wanting quality, not quantity and giving back to the earth more than you take."

From a gardening and sustainability perspective, for Steve this means:

*The maintenance of an organic garden and growing what produce he can.

*Living a life that minimises our impact on the earth that we all depend on - as much as possible, utilise organically produced materials and implement sustainable practices.

*When ever possible; recycle, re-use or re-purpose.

*Looking after Body, Mind and Spirit through eating and living more healthily.

Recent posts

I have a new lesson, How to Propagate Basil Plants!

Ready for a new lesson? I am excited to share my most recently published lesson, How to Propagate Basil Plants.

Basil is an annual plant, but is very easy to propagate and have year after year! In this gardening lesson, learn how to propagate and pot basil plants.

Happy Learning!

Curiously yours,
Steve McLean


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