Keith Hughes
Facilitator of Learning Experiences

Keith Hughes teaches AP US Government and US History at McKinley High School in Buffalo, NY and is the face behind HipHughes History, part of PoliPop and the Maker Studios Network. He is also an adjunct professor of digital literacy at the Graduate School of Education at SUNY Buffalo. Hughes is best known for his expertise in producing educational videos, but his talents also extend to creating political concept cartoons, online quizzes, graphic organizers, music videos, and numerous other educational aids.

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  • 3
    3-part Political Science course
    Distribution of Power in US Government
    A 3-part course with Keith Hughes
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    Do you wonder how the structure of U.S. government impacts policy making and the process of elections? If so, this brief course with government and history teacher Keith Hughes is for you!

  • 4
    4-part History course
    Federalism & Elections in the US
    A 4-part course with Keith Hughes
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    The United States may have a messy political system, but it is based on the vision of the founding fathers and a commitment to Federalism. Learn all about Federalism in this political science course!

  • 3
    3-part History course
    History of the US Constitution
    A 3-part course with Keith Hughes
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    The history of the United States is rich in tumult and triumph. Get a glimpse into a young country in this course on the Declaration of Independence, Constitutional Convention, and the Constitution!

Other Lessons by Keith Hughes

  • 14 min
    Political Science lesson
    The Executive Branch
    A lesson with Keith Hughes
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    In this lesson, Hip Hughes outlines the main components of Article II of the Constitution: the Presidency, and the checks and balances of the executive powers.