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How to Start a New Garden


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Starting an Organic Garden
Lesson 1 – "How to Start a New Garden" by
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What you'll learn in this course

Do you dream of filling your kitchen with fresh food grown in your own backyard? In this course, get in-depth guidance on organic fruit and vegetable gardening from the GrowOrganic experts. From site selection and support structures, to nutrient-rich compost and toxin-free pest control, this course covers the essentials of homegrown organics. Whether you live in the city or the country, all you need is a patch of sunlit ground and basic gardening supplies to cultivate healthy produce!

How to Start a New Garden
4 min
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Homegrown veggies taste better, and are easier on the wallet than their store-bought counterparts. Start your own garden and enjoy the fruits of your labor!
  • Lesson Intro
  • Picking a Good Spot
  • Exercise - Little Miss Sunshine
  • Prepping the Soil
  • Exercise - Till
  • Building Soil Beds
  • Exercise - Stay in Bed
  • Finishing Touches
  • Planting
  • Final Assignment
How to Support Plants in Your Garden
3 min
Learn More
If your plants are tall and top heavy or fruit bearing and need to be trellised, learn how to give them the support they need, in this lesson from Grow Organic!
  • Lesson Intro
  • Bamboo Scaffold
  • Exercise - Bamboo Scaffold
  • Bamboo Tepee
  • Exercise - Bamboo Tepee
  • Twine & Ground Staples
  • Exercise - Twine & Ground Staples
  • Final Assignment
Gardening and Plant Nutrition
3 min
Learn More
Vitamins aren’t just for people—minerals, micronutrients, and macronutrients can help your plants grow big and strong—so learn about proper plant nutrition!
  • Lesson Intro
  • Non-Minerals & Macronutrients
  • Exercise - Building Blocks
  • Micronutrients
  • Exercise - Soil Testing
  • Organic Soil Amendments
  • Exercise - Soil Boosting
  • Plant Multivitamins
  • Exercise - Improving Plant Health
  • Final Assignment
How to Start Your Own Compost Pile
3 min
Learn More
Composting transforms waste headed for the landfill into nutrient-dense plant food—and it couldn’t be easier! Learn how in this lesson from Grow Organic.
  • Lesson Intro
  • Getting Started
  • Exercise - Pile vs. Bin
  • Building Compost Pile
  • Exercise - Steps for Success
  • Maintaining Compost Pile
  • Exercise - Timeline
  • Final Thoughts
  • Exercise - Benefits
  • Final Assignment
How to Start Lasagna Gardening
3 min
Learn More
Want to make an easy and nutrient-rich garden bed without any digging? Discover sheet layering or 'lasagna gardening', a slow compost process with no tilling.
  • Lesson Intro
  • Getting Started
  • Exercise - First Step
  • Layering Compositing Material
  • Exercise - Timeline
  • Maintaining Bed
  • Exercise - Speed the Process
  • Final Assignment
Organic Fly and Mosquito Control
3 min
Learn More
Summer means bugs. But if you're besieged by flies and mosquitoes, don't resort to toxins! Learn these organic ways to combat pesky garden insects.
  • Lesson Intro
  • Controlling Fly Larva with Parasites
  • Exercise - Schedule
  • Controlling Adult Flies with Traps
  • Exercise - Ingredients
  • Exploring Additional Traps
  • Controlling Mosquitos
  • Exercise - Mosquito Eater
  • Final Assignment
How to Plant a Fruit Tree
2 min
Learn More
January isn't just the time for a new year- it's the time for a new orchard! Learn how to plant a thriving new bare root fruit tree in your garden.
  • Lesson Intro
  • Multi-Graft Tree
  • Exercise - Characteristics
  • Digging the Planting Hole
  • Exercise - Hole Size
  • Planting Tips
  • Exercise - Sun or Shade?
  • Learning About Grafts
  • Finishing Up
  • Exercise - Fertilizer
  • Final Assignment
How to Prune Trees and Plants
4 min
Learn More
Pruning is essential for the health of any garden, whether you are promoting growth or removing a dead limb. Learn the basics in this lesson from Grow Organic!
  • Lesson Intro
  • Basic Pruning Tools
  • Exercise - Tool Time
  • Using Pruning Tools
  • Exercise - Leverage
  • Types of Pruning Cuts
  • Exercise - Heading Cuts
  • Using a Saw
  • Exercise - Branch Size
  • Using a Ladder
  • Exercise - Safety First
  • Final Assignment
Growing Onions, Shallots, and Leeks
4 min
Learn More
Onions, shallots, and leeks lend incredible flavor to soups, sauces, and other recipes. Learn how to cultivate these alliums in your own home garden!
  • Lesson Intro
  • Onions 101
  • Exercise - Bulb
  • Gopher Proofing
  • Soil Prepping
  • Exercise - Soiled Up
  • Planting Transplants
  • Exercise - Tops
  • Planting Sets
  • Exercise - Root Hairs
  • Planting Leeks
  • Exercise - Leeky Harvest
  • Planting Shallots
  • Exercise - Shallot Spacing
  • Finishing Touches
  • Final Assignment
How to Grow Asparagus
2 min
Learn More
Looking for a nutritious vegetable that you could harvest for up to 20 years with only one planting? Learn how to plant and care for asparagus!
  • Lesson Intro
  • Prepping the Bed
  • Exercise - Needy Gus
  • Prepping the Soil
  • Exercise - Soil Test Results
  • Planting
  • Exercise - Speed the Process
  • Harvesting
  • Final Assignment
How to Plant and Grow Tomatoes
3 min
Learn More
Nothing says summer like a juicy vine-ripened tomato, so grow your own! Learn how to plant and protect your tomatoes in this lesson from Grow Organic.
  • Lesson Intro
  • Planting
  • Exercise - Roots
  • Protecting the Plant
  • Exercise - Tomato Crater
  • Final Assignment
All About Tomato Pruning & Diseases
3 min
Learn More
Enjoy delicious vine-ripened tomatoes this summer! Learn how to prune your tomato plants and how to deal with common problems like cracking skin and blight.
  • Lesson Intro
  • Pruning
  • Exercise - Indeterminate
  • Common Problems
  • Exercise - Blotchy
  • Diseases
  • Final Assignment
How to Plant and Grow Goji Berries
3 min
Learn More
Looking to plant a berry in your yard that's easy to look after and loaded with antioxidants? Learn how to plant, tend, and prune goji berries!
  • Lesson Intro
  • Overview
  • Exercise - Native
  • Planting Container
  • Exercise - Container Size
  • Planting Goji Berries
  • Exercise - Compost
  • Pruning Tips
  • Exercise - Time to Trim
  • Final Assignment
How to Grow and Care for Blueberries
4 min
Learn More
Blueberries are tasty, incredibly good for your health, and can also be grown in your own garden! Learn how you can cultivate this delicious crop.
  • Lesson Intro
  • Variety
  • Exercise - Chill Hours
  • Prepping the Soil
  • Exercise - Soil Preference
  • Planting Blueberries
  • Caring for Blueberries
  • Exercise - Water
  • Pruning Tips
  • Wrapping Up
  • Final Assignment
  • 14 step-by-step lessons to master what's important
  • 51 minutes of learning-packed video that isn't sleep-inducing
  • 49 exercises and 14 assignments with personalized teacher feedback
  • 23 attachments so you can learn by actually doing
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    • Most vegetables grow well in containers. Cucurbits like squash, pumpkins and cucumbers might be a bit dicy, but if you had a big containers and a compact bush squash you could do it. Root vegetables will do well as long as the container is deep enough. Peppers, tomatoes, lettuce, and greens are very easy to grow in containers.
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    • Yeah, if you can find second hand tools they are often great tools and just need maybe some sanding and sharpening to be serviceable. Or borrow from friends, a shovel, a rake, and a hose are all you really need.
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    • Hmmm, I'd do the same basic things but with a series of retaining walls or something. Or you can grow an orchard, slopes are great places for fruit trees.
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