Great Aunt
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Great Aunt

Like so many other websites, was started because the founder (me!) wished that it already existed.

My name is Lucy Pask and I am currently an aunt to 22 nieces, nephews and godchildren. Although not all of them are related to me by blood, I love them all to bits, visit them whenever I can and love to spoil them rotten.

As my list of nieces and nephews grew, so did my list of unanswered questions. What does being a godmother entail? What's a good gift for a three year old princess? What can I feed the toddlers at my wedding? I found plenty of mum sites, dad sites (even grandparent sites) but the information I wanted was always hidden or for mums. I often felt like an unwelcome trespasser.

I decided enough was enough and that I would make it my mission to create a resource just for us aunts. And you're looking at the result!

Although I often feel more like a giddy aunt than a great aunt, I am learning every day and hope that this site will help you as much as it has helped me.

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