At Curious we believe learning is a gift. A special person in your life gave you the gift of the "know-how" to train for a 10K, crochet, code, speak Spanish or whip up a 7-course meal.

What is the Gift of Learning?

The Curious Gift of Learning allows you to purchase 6-month and one-year subscriptions for your friends and family. Simply sign in to your Curious account, select the length of subscription you’d like to give, and then fill out the form so we know who to send to. You can also include an optional message and schedule the gift to be sent on a particular date.

Who is the Gift of Learning for?

A Gift of Learning is a great gift for people who love learning, whether that's a new hobby, a new language, a new technology or anything else. Many of our users give subscriptions to their grandparents or grandchildren, because grandparents don't need more sweaters and grandchildren don't need more toys! But a Curious subscription is perfect for anyone with a thirst to learn.

Can I buy the Curious Gift of Learning for myself?

Absolutely! What better way to treat yourself than by giving your brain something more stimulating than your news feed?

Does a Curious Gift of Learning ever expire?

Of course not! The Curious Gift of Learning never expires.

How do I redeem a Curious Gift of Learning?

You can redeem your Curious Gift of Learning by either clicking on the link in the email you received or by entering the redemption code from that email on our Gift Redemption page.

Can I redeem a Curious Gift of Learning on my account if I already have a subscription?

Absolutely! If you already have a subscription, when you redeem a Curious Gift of Learning, the amount of time gifted is added to your current account and effectively pushes out your next billing date.

What if I already have a subscription through iTunes or Roku?

Unfortunately, you currently cannot redeem a Curious Gift of Learning on an account that is being billed through iTunes or Roku. If you would like to use the Curious Gift of Learning, you will need to cancel your subscription through iTunes or Roku and contact support to have your account reset before you can redeem your gift.

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