1st Position Harmonica for Beginners

A 14-part course with Funky Harp

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Course Overview

If you dream of playing harmonica like Bob Dylan, John Popper, or Eddie Vedder, dive into this beginners course and get started! Seasoned musician, producer, and teacher Luke "Playa T" Clebsch—a.k.a. Funky Harp—shows you what to look for when buying a harmonica, how to hold it, and how to isolate notes. Learn how to bend notes, how to practice scales, and play a few tunes in 1st position on a C harp. After this foundational course, you'll be ready to start playing blues harmonica!


  • Total Time 1 hr, 36 min
  • Lessons 14
  • Attachments 15
  • Exercises 32
  • 56 CQ

14 Lessons in This Course

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