Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids®
A New Approach to Learning Languages. More Fun, More Effective.

We created this company because we want your children to succeed with foreign language. We hope that you and your child find our course to be a fun and effective way to learn Spanish.

We are honored that these videos have been awarded:

BEST PRODUCTS OF 2014 (Family Review Center)

TOP 10 DVDs OF 2014 (Dr. Toy)


MEDIA OF THE YEAR IN 2014 and 2013 (Creative Child Magazine)

Let us know how your kids like these videos and please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions about how to best use our program. It is important that your child watches the videos in order and that he or she understands a lesson before progressing to the next. This way your child will get the most out of this course.

We hope our videos provide your child with a solid and useful introduction to Spanish conversation and will inspire them to continue learning Spanish and perhaps even other foreign languages as well.

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¡Feliz día de la Madre!

¡Feliz día de la Madre!

Today is a precious day to celebrate our families. Wishing all families a safe, wonderful and joyous day.

Did you know that the word "día" is one of the exceptions to the general rule in Spanish that nouns ending in "a" are feminine and "o" are masculine?

That's right, "día" is masculine, so remember as you enjoy your day celebrating your Mother, today is "El día de la Madre". We hope yours is one to remember.

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    Learning Spanish can be easy for all ages when it’s taught by kids! Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids uses storylines and graphics to cover basic words and phrases. In these nine lessons, follow Eli and his brothers as they enjoy breakfast and discuss their favorite activities before adventuring to The Little Magic House, or 'La Pequeña Casa Mágica.' They’ll also teach you how to introduce yourself and your friends - and use dozens of other vocabulary words. Course includes full (and fun!) interactive workbook.

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