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Fenchel & Janisch Filmproduktion is a small film production company located in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. We specialize in creating corporate videos, creative videos, commercials and animation using DSLR video cameras.
We also create tutorials on how to use DSLR cameras and teach our viewers about equipment like cameras, tripods and lenses. We also cover how to edit and work in post production.

With our lessons, we reach viewers from over 20 countries around the world.

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  • 3
    3-part Video Editing course
    How to Get a Film Look on DSLR Video
    A 3-part course with Fenchel Janisch
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    Even amateur filmmakers can achieve control over the feel of DSLR video using the tips in this course! Learn to plan and shoot using correct DSLR settings, and perfect color, light, and framing.

Other Lessons by Fenchel Janisch

  • 12 min
    Videography lesson
    Introduction to DSLR Filmmaking
    A lesson with Fenchel Janisch
    View lesson

    Shoot a high quality film on your DSLR camera! Learn how to maximize your camera’s potential by changing the frame rate, contrast, depth of field, and lenses.

  • 2 min
    Videography lesson
    How to Film Using a Hand-Held DSLR
    A lesson with Fenchel Janisch
    View lesson

    You're making a movie, but stabilizing rigs cost a lot. How to get smooth shots with a handheld camera? Learn which lenses are best when shooting without a rig.

  • 3 min
    Videography lesson
    How to Use Depth of Field on a DSLR
    A lesson with Fenchel Janisch
    View lesson

    A shallow depth of field on a DSLR camera can create stunning images. Check out this lesson and learn how to get shallow depth of field, use it, and control it.

  • 2 min
    Videography lesson
    How to Film Under Low Light Conditions
    A lesson with Fenchel Janisch
    View lesson

    Night shots can be challenging to take, but can be well worth the effort. Learn four rules to take the difficulty out of capturing images in low light!

  • 3 min
    Videography lesson
    How to Make a DSLR Timelapse
    A lesson with Fenchel Janisch
    View lesson

    There are two methods to shoot DSLR time-lapse sequences - the easy way and the hard way. In this lesson, learn both techniques to shoot your own time-lapse.

  • 3 min
    Photography lesson
    Still Shots & Shooting Interviews
    A lesson with Fenchel Janisch
    View lesson

    In this filmmaking lesson, learn how to set up a camera different ways depending on the interview style, and find out how to animate still shots.

  • 9 min
    Videography lesson
    Filmmaking Audio & Sound Effects
    A lesson with Fenchel Janisch
    View lesson

    Dialogue, sound effects, ambient sound, and music—audio is just as important as video in filmmaking. Learn about microphones and sound effects in this lesson.

  • 6 min
    Videography lesson
    Tracking Shots with Camera Stands
    A lesson with Fenchel Janisch
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    You don't need fancy equipment to create panning or tracking shots in film. This lesson shows you how to use a tripod and a monopod to film moving shots.

  • 3 min
    Video Editing lesson
    How to Get Sharp & Detailed Videos
    A lesson with Fenchel Janisch
    View lesson

    A detailed image is every filmmakers dream, but one that is hard to achieve. In this lesson, learn how a camera's picture profile can influence image details.

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