Everett Bowes
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Everett Bowes
Brand Strategy and Creative Consultant

Hello! My name is Everett and I'm a Brand Strategy and Creative Consultant with over 20 years of experience helping companies brand boldly, create confidently, and connect deeply with their audience.

All throughout my career I've been called a natural-born-teacher. I love breaking down complex ideas into simple, easy-to-understand concepts that students can remember and apply immediately. My teaching is practical and delivered in a conversational manner.
I respect the investment my students make by taking my classes so I pack each course with fast-paced, information-rich content. I speak quickly, and get to the point as fast and efficiently as possible. My delivery is conversational and animated (since I know my topics well, and I’m passionate about them), so I’m sure you’ll love your class experience with me!
Also, I like my courses to have a higher degree of production value and quality and I hope you will see that as you take my courses.

I am an active instructor and I enjoy engaging with my students enrolled in my classes. So, I encourage you to comment or message me directly as questions pop up!

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