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Rance Keating
English Fluency Methods

One of the biggest mistakes in language learning, that I can see, is that a lot of students learn about the language and don't learn by using the language. Instead of learning about grammar, I think that a much more effective fluency method would be to learn about travel, about technology, about the industry you work in using English. If you want English fluency, you need to start learning about the world using the English language.

The model of language fluency is simple really: we read and we listen to a language, discover new words etc and this information gets stored in our brains as passive knowledge. To improve speaking fluency, this passive knowledge needs to be activated. When you talk about the topics you have read about, all the information which you use when speaking becomes activated. Once used, it is ready to use again at a much faster rate. This is fluency. The ability to take in, and give out information quickly and effectively.

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