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Dress Jess XO
Feel Good Fashion Blogger & On Camera Host

I am a twenty something feel-good fashion blogger, on camera host and life enthusiast who has a passion for fashion and living a healthy, confident lifestyle.

One of my favorite life mottos is, “when you look good, you feel good,” and for me, nothing could be closer to the truth. I lost my father to prostate cancer two years ago, and ever since then I’ve needed something on a daily basis that will lift my spirits. That’s when I discovered my passion for fashion. My goal is to inspire people to use fashion as a tool to make their lives better, and to feel good about the skin they‘re in. Just like my father, I live to give, and nothing makes me feel better than inspiring a positive change in peoples’ lives. I share tips and tricks with you on my blog, DressJessXO, to encourage you to move and groove, because when you look good, you feel good! This is feel-good fashion, honey!

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