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How to Stencil a Feature Wall

Learn how to stencil an accent wall, the latest craze in home decorating! See how you can use stencils to paint a geometric design that covers an entire wall.
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Cynthia M
1:39 PM 03 March 2015
Thank you for sharing. I plan using with stencil on wooden frame of the mirror someday soon! I wish that it would be nice to put closed caption cuz I'm Deaf..but I do understand some of your demo. It was that not hard... It seems taking lot of patience and perfect.
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Burt S
4:31 PM 23 December 2014
Awesome tutorial and your products are amazing too! Keep up the great work!
Cutting Edge Stencils
7:28 PM 23 December 2014
Thank! Happy New Year!
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Rosy G
11:39 AM 20 December 2014
Wow, this is a GREAT idea! It seems easy to do too! Never even considered stenciling an accent wall. Now... I spy ... an accent wall lol. Thanks so much!
Cutting Edge Stencils
7:29 PM 23 December 2014
Hey Rosy! Good luck with your project! And Happy New Year!
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anna w
10:35 PM 06 August 2014
Wow amazing piece of art! I admire this special lesson, and in addition to the color of green which is my favorite color...Wow! amazing ...thankyou for revealing this beautiful art to me...I will treasure this forever....God bless you
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Wendy Q
5:52 PM 29 July 2014
Cant wait to get started! Thanx, great job teaching...:)
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