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Cute Simple Stuff

Hello everyone, I am Renee and this is where I share all sorts of things I enjoy doing.

A bit about myself. I have always loved art, I have a natural instinct to DIYs and I have always loved to create or re-create from places I get inspiration from. I started my passion for baking about 3 years ago, when I discovered the artsy part of it. I started experimenting with royal icing and buttercream and now I love it. I am not a professional, but I love to practice and to have ideas on new things I can make. I love easy yet cute little things.

I also have been working with polymer clay, for a bit longer than that, and became obsessed ever since. I decided to get more and more practice and so then I started making my own accessories out of polymer clay.

In general, I am either baking then decorating, crafting and painting something around the house, making polymer clay accessories or doing some nail art, playing with my dogs, hanging out with my boyfriend, talking to my parents and friends, going out, buying bananas or browsing through the internet, as one does!

So yeah, I hope you enjoy this place, and hopefully like some of my lessons, I had so much fun making them!


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