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My name is Callie King, and I own and operate a small boarding and training facility in Chester County, Pa called Honey Brook Stables. I’ve been riding for 17 years and have enjoyed working in a number of disciplines including hunters, jumpers, eventing, endurance, and even tried my hand at roping. Right now I work with young and problem horses at my farm and I’m working on my dressage skills with my own two horses.

I’m not looking to be the next horse training guru – but I do love sharing what I know, what I learn, and what works well for me! I started the blog with the new rider in mind, simply because I have noticed that a lot of the instruction given to novice riders is really lacking. There is always a better way, and learning a new skill the right way from the beginning will really make the whole process more enjoyable for you! When I teach riding skills, I focus on a centered riding approach, with a balanced seat, independent aids, and the ability to use subtle cues.

When I train, I observe and try to understand the horse’s behavior and what is driving him to do what he does. I believe that both horses and people learn best through positive reinforcement. Training is not something that can be completely wrapped up in a steps 1, 2, 3 methodology. For me, training is about listening to each individual horse and discovering what that horse needs in that moment.

Through my writing and my videos, I simply hope to help people better understand and “connect” with horses, as well as become more balanced and confident riders.


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