Craig Savage
Biology fan and teacher

A 1994 neuroscience graduate from Duke University, Craig Savage chose to share his love of biology and psychology as a teacher. For almost 20 years, he has taught Advanced Placement Biology and Psychology in independent schools in Atlanta, GA. and Dallas, TX. With a “simpler is better” approach, Craig’s lessons have helped thousands of students in over 190 different countries excel on their high school, AP and college exams.

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  • 5
    5-part Biology course
    Basics of Genetics
    A 5-part course with Craig Savage
    View course

    To what extent do genes determine how an organism looks or behaves? In this course, learn the basics of genetics, from Mendelian inheritance to genetic mutations, heredity, and sex-linked traits.

  • 8
    8-part Biology course
    DNA & Protein Synthesis
    An 8-part course with Craig Savage
    View course

    DNA is a complex molecule that serves as the foundation for all living organisms, and in this course with biology teacher Craig Savage, learn about the function, composition, and structure of DNA!

  • 7
    7-part Biology course
    Evolution & Natural Selection
    A 7-part course with Craig Savage
    View course

    Why in the world do snakes have hipbones? Charles Darwin sure has an answer! In this exciting biology course, follow along with Craig Savage and learn about natural selection and evolution.

  • 5
    5-part Biology course
    How Photosynthesis Works
    A 5-part course with Craig Savage
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    Plants are able to take sunshine and water and create glucose to fuel their growth. The miraculous process by which this happens is called photosynthesis. Learn all about it in this biology course!

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    4-part Biology course
    Overview of Cellular Respiration
    A 4-part course with Craig Savage
    View course

    How is glucose broken down inside cells to be used as energy? Cellular respiration! Whether you are a biology student that needs to ace a final, or you need a bio refresher, this is the ideal course.

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    "It’s not about how smart you are; it’s about HOW you are smart."
    Howard Gardner, Author of Multiple Intelligences, Harvard University
    "If you want to improve your memory, don't waste your time and money on brain games. You'd be better off learning to quilt."
    Lauren Silverman, NPR
    "Success… it’s about stretching yourself to learn something new. Developing yourself."
    Carol Dweck, Author of Mindset, Stanford University
    "Whether or not picking up a new skill makes you smarter, it certainly makes you… a better, happier, more fulfilled person."
    Dr. Gary Marcus, Author of Guitar Zero, New York University
    "Curious minds show increased activity in the hippocampus, which is involved in the creation of memories."
    Dr. Charan Ranganath, Scientific American
    "Who wants to sit, slogging away at brain training apps when you could be doing something fun like photography?"
    Dr. Jeremy Dean, Author of PSYBlog
    "We need, as a society, to learn how to maintain a healthy mind, just like we know how to maintain vascular health with diet and exercise."
    Psychological Science

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