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Chef Oonagh Williams
Gluten Free (and other food allergy) Expert

Chef Oonagh has a Culinary Arts Degree, and trained in London and Switzerland. Chef Oonagh and her son were both diagnosed with celiac disease with no previous symptoms and with a Mother's guilt trip, she focused on creating safe, tasty foods. Chef Oonagh makes gluten free and many allergen free dishes as good as the original wheat dishes. She has written a monthly recipe column for the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness for over 4 years, speaks at National Celiac Conferences, speaks on the Power of Food -best medicine, worse poison, Consults by Skype, Corporate speaker and taught International cooking classes for many years. Oonagh divides her time between consulting/speaking on how to cook for a gluten free (and other food allergies) or just healthier food diet; regularly appearing on WMUR, the NH ABC TV station. Everyone raves about Oonagh’s food after rediscovering how good food can taste. She has written a 200+ page e-book on Delicious gluten free cooking, full of color photos, advice and recipes.

Oonagh Williams was born and brought up in London, England. She has a Culinary Arts Degree and trained in London and Switzerland. Having traveled extensively throughout Europe, she has an eclectic view of different cultures and cuisines that she incorporates into her consulting. People love her down to earth,
common sense attitude, approach and entertaining stories. She has called Merrimack, NH home since 1987.


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