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Sam Chaudhary

Empowering Teachers in the Classroom

ClassDojo is a communication platform that connects teachers, parents, and students -- and empowers teachers to create a great classroom community. In this Conversation, Sam Chaudhary shares why he started ClassDojo and how it has evolved since its first inception.

Sam Chaudhary, CEO and co-founder of ClassDojo

Entrepreneur Sam Chaudhary co-founded the classroom behavior management tool ClassDojo. In just one year, 6 million teachers and students signed up to use ClassDojo -- and it won the 2011 NBC Education Innovation Award. For this work, Chaudhary and his co-founder, Liam Don, were included on Forbes' 2015 list of top 30 entrepreneurs under 30. Chaudhary was born in the United Kingdom and earned a degree in economics from Cambridge.

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