Vine Pruning & Maintenance

A 5-part course with Cass Turnbull

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Course Overview

Vines can add dimension and color to your garden, but without proper tending, your vines are liable to choke out the rest of your garden or turn into a mess of ugly stems. In this course with expert gardener Cass Turnbull, learn how to prune some of the most common and popular vine plants, from clematis, trumpet vine, and the wily wisteria, to climbing roses and more. Cass explains how and when to prune, how to work with trellises and arbors, and what time of year you can expect blooms.


  • Total Time 56 min
  • Lessons 5
  • Attachments 3
  • Exercises 17
  • 32 CQ

5 Lessons in This Course

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