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LESSON 1 of 4
Choosing Computer Hardware

Customize your computer to meet your exact needs by building it yourself! Learn what hardware you’ll need to get started in the Part 1 of this four-part series.
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Giuseppe M
8:26 PM 20 July 2015
Excellent! I also loved the dog's thoughts!
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Fred H
5:18 AM 21 April 2015
I like it. Thought about this for several years...seeing this video has got me serious about building my own. Thanks.
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Anahi V
9:00 AM 29 December 2014
Pretty cool video dude! Keeping and eye on your lessons definitely!
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Bernice P
11:04 AM 28 October 2014
Enjoyed this lesson and your humor.
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Angelina M
4:22 PM 26 October 2014
Seem easy enough. Thanks for making this look so easy!
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