How to Build a Computer | Part 1

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by Carey Holzman
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How to Build a Computer | Part 1

by Carey Holzman

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  • TRUNG T: you do look so easy, but I know, it not easy like that, so I need to learn more.........
  • Ryan L: How much did everything cost total?
  • Ethan F: I wanna know, yeahh
  • Richard S: So far you've made it seem like I could actually do this myself. Thank you :)
  • Gabby T: I really enjoyed this lesson and I'm sure others would love it just as I did can't wait for part 2
  • A. B: Really enjoyed the 1st episode. Thanks for taking the time to put this together. Looking forward to watching part 2 - and more! You have a great teaching manner, and your instructions are clear and concise.
  • Bob S: Yes! gentleman I like the way you are showing how to setup compuer,thankyou.
  • marg s: yo yo yo Carey , Dog , man thank you , doc .really learned some shit today. Doc u rock
  • Todd G: Really enjoying your video, looking at rebuilding a computer thats older so this helps.
  • Melvin S: So far so good, not boring at all.
  • MALCOM H: so far helps me out a lot sense this is my first computer build
  • Michaela M: Hey there Carey! Thanks a lot for he help. I can't wait to make my own computer soon! :)
  • Samson K: I always want to know more about a computer and how to build one.
  • Joan W: I have built 2 computers in the past, but not kept up w/ changes in the technology. I remember insisting on a MB w/ specific chip sets, etc, but now I don't have any idea what is good and what is dreck, so I'm really finding this very useful & enjoyable. I need a new computer, and cant make up my mind. I can't see how I could update, upgrade, or do much of anything to an all-in-one, a laptop takes up too much desk space,...so it will probably have to be a PC. I was bemoaning my choices to
  • Richard B: Nice job. Thanks.
  • Angelina M: Seem easy enough. Thanks for making this look so easy!
  • adam l: I am glad I find this site
  • Neil K: Very clear instructions!
  • Neil K: Carey, May I purchase a video DVD of building your PC?
  • Logan W: This is great I don't know if the next video explains each part and there function better. If not that'd be a great extra video. Anyways Great video !
  • Jaime T: I hope you continue with your great lessons on Curious.
  • Gabriel M: Great lesson!
  • Miguel S: wow thanks for this!
  • David B: great job!
  • fay s: Liked the lesson!
  • Anahi V: Pretty cool video dude! Keeping and eye on your lessons definitely!
  • Leo M: I really like the way you present the subject material. At my skill level you set the right speed and tone for the lesson.
  • Geegee H: Thank you. I've worked on computers but have never built one but i know i can do it now.
  • Stephen G: I will consider donating upon the final build video if I learn anything new.
  • colm f: great carey perfect for me and my friend
  • vladimir j: great introduction, thanks Mr Carey Holzman.
  • phil r: Very good video. thanks for the lesson
  • Roy M: thanks for showing me how to start on doing my first pc from scatch
  • Bernice P: Enjoyed this lesson and your humor.
  • Irv M: I built one of your computers, worked fine for about 2 weeks, now youtube and gmail are loading very, very, very slowly. Can you help?
  • Sandy S: Easy to understand and visually, awesome. Waiting for part 2
  • Michael M: your amazing! thanks a ton!