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Cardio Fitness Workouts
Courtney Bentley

Staying svelte is not about starving, diet pills and quick tricks. Personal Trainer, Nutrition Guru and Motivational Coach Courtney Bentley learned the hard way and is now out to prove that every woman can be a shining star in a healthy way! Through her message of Self Love, the teaching of affirmations and exercise method she has helped hundreds of women find their best bodies. Her holistic hottie lifestyle is backed by a background of Pilates, Ballet and her certifications through the National Association of Sports Medicine. Her expertise have been sought out by Ehow.Com, The Jackie Fame Network, Livestrong as well as local publications. She is a published writer, YouTube content creator and hosts a bootcamp for charity every week.

Empowerment through movement is a strong belief in Courtney’s method. Her carefully crafted routines create balance through the body and tone up those problem areas. Using her ballerina past, her Pilates certifications and years of experience, she brings power and supercharged movements to a fun one hour workout. From the tips of your toes, to the sound in your ears, Courtney’s method is a fun way to get moving and burn calories.

Motivational Speaker, Courtney Bentley strives to connect with women through empowerment of the body, mind and soul. She believes that through exercise and healthy eating, women can transform their lives. She shows women how to free their minds from negative self talk and transforms body chemistry with the power of positive self talk. With her energetic passion for her message, Courtney inspires those around her.

Combine fun, fitness and fashion all into one beaming blonde package and you have yourself Courtney Bentley. Join her on your journey towards a healthier and happier YOU!

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Cardio Fitness Workouts


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