Guinho SOLPM
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Guinho SOLPM

Vagner Melo A.K.A Guinho is a hip hop artist who has been dancing since 1997. Throughout his career, he has taken part of various hip-hop events, international breaking dance championships and given workshops about the techniques of power move in which he is specialized.
Some of the most known events in which Guinho participated includes the opening of the World Cup in Berlin, Germany 2006. Guinho is best known for being the first bboy to do most of the acrobatic power moves for both sides on the internet and also because of the video “airflare on ice” which became viral in the hip hop community.

Guinho lives in Finland at the moment and teaches power move techniques to children, teenagers and adults. In May of 2013 Guinho launched his project called SOLPM "science of learning power move". His intention was to help his students to learn some complex power moves through detailed explanation step by step. He launched a channel in youtube and the project SOLPM received a positive feedback from the public. Many people started following the system and learned most of the moves successfully. However, not everybody succeeded in learning them. Some of the followers required an individualized service system. He then decided to teach people online via e-learning platforms like curious.


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