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Bill Inman Art
Professional Art Instruction by a Master!

I love to paint and teach!

I'm a daydreamer who's been drawing and painting my whole life...I believe the two are bound together. They called me the boy with his head in the clouds. Those clouds of imagination have been serving me well...

I've been making my living as an artist for the last 25 years. What an amazing adventure!

"The roses seem so real I can smell the fragrance" I heard a woman tell her friend at one of my shows.

That's what thrills me, touching someone's life with beauty and joy through the magic of art.

I was in a round room with Carl Runguis' wildlife paintings covering the walls. They were so majestic tears slipped down my cheeks. I prayed that one day my paintings would touch someone's life as those touched mine.

I have another passion - to share what I've learned with artists around the world.

That's why I spend so much time filming my painting process and editing those films - so you can see every brushstroke in the creation of my paintings and exactly how I mix my colors on the palette.

I had it good growing up with an artist for a father – living in so many inspiring places, from ocean views near San Juan Capistrano to the woods and creeks of Western Montana and eventually the Alaskan Frontier. Maybe that’s why I feel at home wherever I go. I want to paint it all.

Plein air painting allows me to fully engage all my senses and judge values and atmospheric effects that can’t be seen or learned from photos. The studio is a time to see clearly what I am placing on the canvas - greater subtlety and color nuance – and develop further using my imagination what I experienced in the field.

My work has sold consistently through galleries since 1983. I was one of the featured artists in Southwest Art Magazine’s “Artists to Watch” section. I am in numerous national and international collections from Switzerland to Saudi Arabia and throughout the United States and Canada. I have an MFA in studio painting.

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