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How to Make a Garden Wrap Bracelet


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Handmade Bracelet Projects
Lesson 3 – "How to Make a Garden Wrap Bracelet" by
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What you'll learn in this course

Want that bohemian chic look? Start by making your own stackable, beaded bracelets! In this three-part course, the talented craftswoman from the Beadshop guide you through the materials you need to make your own jewelry, give professional tips and techniques, and show you how to create Bollywood, ladder, and macramé stitches as well as how to weave beads without a loom. With these basic jewelry-making skills, you’ll combine beads and stitches, leather and charms for your own bohemian designs!

How to Make a Bollywood Macrame Bracelet
21 min
Learn More
In for a long car or airplane ride? Bring along your beading tray and whip out a cute Bollywood beaded macrame bracelet (or two!) designed by Brittany Ketcham.
  • Lesson Intro
  • Supplies
  • Starting the Thread
  • Exercise - Thread Burner
  • Overhand Knot
  • Strap to Board
  • Exercise - School of Hard Knots
  • First Knots
  • Bead and Threading Pattern
  • Exercise - No Beads Attached
  • Loose Ends
  • Sealing the Bracelet
  • Exercise - Complimenting Cord
  • Other Ideas
  • Final Assignment
How to Weave a Bracelet Without a Loom
35 min
Learn More
Bead weaving without a beading loom? Believe it! This lesson shows you how to weave a bracelet from a pattern with just a design tray, warp thread, and a weft.
  • Lesson Intro
  • What You Will Need
  • Cutting the Warp Threads
  • Exercise - Calculating Warp Threads
  • Patterns
  • Exercise - Width of Beads
  • Threading Beads
  • Exercise - The Weft
  • Adding More Thread
  • Exercise - Leftover Thread
  • Fixing Mistakes
  • Exercise - Making a Mistake
  • Bracelet Length
  • Exercise - Wrist Size
  • Sheeting
  • Exercise - C-Lon Bead Cord
  • Binding the Sheeting
  • Exercise - Drying the Bracelet
  • Ultra Suede
  • Exercise - Suede Squares
  • Compassion Suede
  • Exercise - Suede Length
  • End Beads
  • Final Assignment
How to Make a Garden Wrap Bracelet
21 min
Learn More
Want to make an elegant, unique piece of jewelry? Learn how to create a homemade wrap-around macramé charm bracelet! Learn the bollywood and ladder stitches.
  • Lesson Intro
  • Materials
  • Base Cords
  • Exercise - Knot
  • Stitch Pattern
  • Exercise - Macramé
  • Add Beads
  • Exercise - Number of Beads
  • Quick Fix Tip
  • Ladder Stitch
  • Exercise - Starting the Ladder Stitch
  • Thread Transition
  • New Color
  • Exercise - Trimming the Tails
  • Pale Heather
  • Exercise - Color Order
  • Closing the End
  • Exercise - When to Make the Button Loop
  • Finishing Up
  • Final Assignment
  • 3 step-by-step lessons to master what's important
  • 79 minutes of learning-packed video that isn't sleep-inducing
  • 21 exercises and 3 assignments with personalized teacher feedback
  • 47 attachments so you can learn by actually doing
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  • Pamela T: Hi, I loved your lesson. I am going to make this! You are clear and easy to understand. I often go to you home page. You have great supplies. I wish you had shown the bracelet on your wrist. It would have been fun to see the play of the colors and beads in their wrapped position!
  • Raye J: This was fab, love the colours, you are so clear and concise in your teaching, thanks.
  • Pat T: Thanks for this clever tutorial.
  • Rachel k: I definitely plan on doing this on a long road trip!
  • Audrey S: Lovely clear tutorial!!
  • juanita r: Was very interesting and hope to make one soon...Thanks
  • debbie g: Thanks. Easy to follow.
  • Iva H: Thank you for this lesson! I understood it very well notwithstanding I am not good in english.
  • Julia R: Great video! Thxxx
  • Angela H: This is an excellent tutorial. Each step was clearly shown and explained, and extra tips were given. Even though this project would take several hours, it looks well worth the time. Thank you!
  • Veranna H: how long was your starting leather cord?
    • Cheri S: Can I use floss instead of c-lon?
    • Adrienne B: is there a written pattern for this
    • Sorry for the late response! The starting leather length should be 80 inches. I hope that this still helps!
  • honey a: super work.. thank you for your lesson
  • Mary S: Tres chic! Thanks for the lesson. I can't wIt to start using beAds with my macrame
  • Laurette L: Bon professeur. Très joli. Merci!
  • Sharon G: Great lesson!
  • Jannine N: Me encanto!! ;D Gracias
  • Wendy C: What can I use in place of leather (my friend won't wear leather but I know will love the bracelet.)
  • Sonja W: Hi Brittney, I wanted to thank you for making (on the Internet) the Garden Wrap Bracelet and teaching macrame to me. I've always wanted to learn. I do have a question? Can you use different material instead of the ones you used? You can email me back if you want at Thank you so much, Sonja
  • Ho E: That's awesome!!!!thanks for sharing so much!!!??????????????????
  • Molly S: Very easy to understand, beautiful results. Thank You
  • Margie R: Would liked to have seen you put the bracelet on. I take it that it wraps around your wrist several times?
    • Hi Margie! Yes, this bracelet does wrap around the wrist multiple times. In fact, the In the Garden design is the one used in our Curious profile picture, where it is shown in multiple colors on multiple wrists. Happy beading!
    • Lori K: I'm hoping you have closed caption, I'm deaf.
  • Sage H: My bracelet is twisting! What am I doing wrong?
    • Sage H: I think I wasn't minding my P's and Q's...
  • Maria Grazia C: Exellent.. !!!
  • Karen W: Thank you. I'm new to this and don't know where the attachments are or how to find them.
    • There is a paper clip in the upper right hand corner of the video. When you click on this it will give you a list of supplies, and you can click on them to be taken to their purchase pages.
    • Karen W: Thank you. I've just started using mail order and thanks again for the lesson.
  • Jana H: This was very well done! I love it!
  • Brenda B: Beautiful bracelet. excellent instruction! thank you.
  • Natalia G: So cool I can't wait to make on myself
  • Valerie D: I had a hard time understanding the types of beads you are using. Could you please elaborate? Thank you! I can't wait to make these!!
    • Valerie, They are 8/0 seed beads and a small hex bead we call Little Shadows. If you go to the resources for the video, there should be links to each of the beads where you can find more information. Hopefully this helps, but let me know if you have more questions!
  • Tania K: fantastic lesson.....
  • Laura R: Thank you so much. My girls will love them.
  • C. S: Loved this how to!
  • Judy A: Looks fun
  • Jeanette B: Good job
  • Rosie C: Very beautiful bracelet! Thank you.
  • Lisa K: The video never showed how the bracelet fit on the teacher's wrist. Other than that, great instructions.
  • Lorraine S: Thank you so much your explanations are very clear and I look forward to making my next bracelet. God Bless and keep up the fantastic work
  • Lorena P: I loved your lesson. I learned a new way of making wrap bracelets and enjoyed it too much! Thanks! You are a great teacher!
  • Tanya D: Really enjoyed this lesson ???? it ! Will watch again .thanks
  • Elaine m: Love your videos????
  • Tanya D: Thank you !!!
  • Tanya D: ???????????????? thanks
  • kim m: I really loved this tut.Ill be trying my 1st soon as.Thank you.I have seen the ladder stitch before and i really like it.
  • Lorena P: I'd like to know where to find that board. I haven't seen it in the stores...Thanks in advance!
  • Melissa F: Great job! :). You totally inspired me - I want to make one this weekend. ;). Plus I liked how you used some meditative/yoga style lingo - it makes it seem like a very relaxing, zen-like project. ????
  • Paula H: This is the first time that I have watched a video on bead bracelet, Love it! I have never used this site before so not sure how to navigate it...came via this and would like to make the bracelet...You made it very easy to see what you were doing, though I am sure I will have to watch it again..Will be going to the bead shop! This bracelet is awesome!
  • Fiona M: Absolutely to make one now :)
  • Melissa F: Great job! :). You totally inspired me - I want to make one this weekend. ;). Plus I liked how you used some meditative/yoga style lingo - it makes it seem like a very relaxing, zen-like project. ????
  • Melissa F: Great job! :). You totally inspired me - I want to make one this weekend. ;). Plus I liked how you used some meditative/yoga style lingo - it makes it seem like a very relaxing, zen-like project. ????
  • Amari B: Love it!!!
  • Fawn D: I truly enjoyed watching your instructional video and plan to share this site with all my artsy friends. I love the pop quiz in each section to help retain the information. That makes this series much better than some of the other instructional sites on the web. I shall be watching more, as time allows.
  • Terry b: Good job!
  • Vilma C: Beautiful project!
  • Clare H: Wish I could have seen it on.
  • Patricia F: You are a great teacher!! Learned a lot and plan to start one of these today!!! Thank you.
  • Elaine H: Loved the pattern. Going to try.
  • Eliza D: Loved the video and you made it sound and look so easy. Going to try it this weekend! Thank you!
  • Ann V: Maybe I missed it, but how much leather for this wrap bracelet?
    • Ana C: perfect lesson
    • Lori M: What mm leather do you recommend?
    • Ann, You will need about 80 inches of leather for this project.
  • Ranjini K: I enjoyed your lesson on charm bracelet. Now have better appreciation of such ornaments. Thanks!
  • leticia t: Thanks , this was my first experience on this site. You have a pleasant voice...easy to understand instructions.
  • Cheryl G: This was great. I'm just starting and this was very clear and easy to understand. I did a lot of macramé in the 70's (tells you how old I am) so I was familiar with the knots. Can't wait to make my first one. Thanks
  • cindy a: that board was interesting I have never seen one before. But really enjoyed the lesson.
  • Janet S: I love how clear your lesson is on the garden-wrap bracelet!
  • Tricia C: Great Tutorial!! Thank you!!
  • Luisa S: molto interessante
  • Rebecca S: Thank you Brittany, for the great tutorial!
  • melanie s: Pretty. Just surprised she covered leather with thread. I would have expected to use a cheaper material considering u dont see much of thecleather. Thanks for lesson.
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  • Tina G: Thank you
  • Mary F: Great instruction
  • Kris R: Awesome lesson :)
  • Toni W: very clear instructions
  • Sherry E: Thank you that was a great lesson in bracelet making. I am looking forward to trying it out and maybe for gifting in the future. Having the up close camera was very helpful in seeing what you were saying. Sincerely, Sherry Endres
  • twiggy s: Merci pour votre démonstration ! dommage pas de sou-titre en français ; mais la vidéo est bien faite et je vais essayer de confectionner ce très beau bracelet.
  • Hope s: That was amazing and very detailed! Thank you!
  • Gallo n: Loved this and you made it look so easy! I'm going to try this! Thank you so much
  • Mary M: Love this---wish I was retired so I could do this!
  • Steph F: Great lesson! It was so clearly explained! Thank you. :)
  • Maria D: Love it. I will be trying this hopefully it comes out ok. Thanks for a great lesson.
  • Cindy V: Very informative lesson and clearly given. Just could not view the completed project.
  • alecia g: Thank you.
  • Cat G: Great tutorial
  • Amanda D: This is a great idea for a hobby. I have always wanted to make jewelry but never found the perfect type of jewelry to make until now. So thank you very much. :)
  • Amanda D: Can you put on each bead individually for the Bollywood stitch? Or have you just found it easier to keep track of the number of beads by putting them all on the one string?
  • Holly H: Is there anything else I can use if I don't have the ultimate design board?
    • Tammy C: clip board
    • A beading board really will be the easiest tool to use for the job. Any sort of box with the sharp corners will work; you just need to make sure you can get good tension on your work.
  • Dilek B: It is the best lesson I've ever watched. The bracelet is beautiful. Thank you!
    • Thank you so much! It is a really fun bracelet to make too, I hope you have fun!
  • Karen W: It looks really easy. Nice job. Where did you buy your thread burner. Mine does not do very well.
    • You can find the link to the Thread Zap II in the attachments to the video. Hopefully that helps!
  • Lori M: How long did you cut your bracelet cord that you wrapped around the bead board?
    • Lori, you will need 80 inches of leather for the bracelet. If it does not completely fit around your design board, you can always use some rat tail to attach it to the board.
  • Lori M: What mm leather do you recommend?
    • Tania L: What size c-lon is it?
    • Susan M: I am going tomake this looks easy :)
    • Lori, for these samples we used the 1.5mm leather. You could, however, use 1.0mm or 2.0mm if you wanted a thinner or thicker bracelet.
    • We use the regular size C-lon for this project.
  • jeanette b: I really enjoyed your lesson. The video was easy to follow and the bracelet looked fun to make. Thanks a whole lot fo sharing!!!
  • Leslie S: Awesome! Appreciate you sharing your talent.
  • Ruth O: Love this tutorial!!!!!! Thank you!
  • Deby T: hola quisiera saber como se llama el primer cordon o hilo que ella usa como base no entiendo muy bien e ingles
  • Anges v: Thanks a lot it was very clear
  • Shelly H: love this bracelet its fun and easy. thank you so much.
  • Flory G: heel mooi. ga 't binnenkort proberen. eerst materiaal kopen
  • Valéria N: I really love your lesson! Thank you for share! Valeria - Brazil
  • Darlene B: Your Garden Bollywood/Ladder stitch bracelet instructions were very clear. Thanks!
  • Ren K: Cool
  • Kathi W: Such a clear, concise lesson......thank you....thank you.....thank you!
  • Paula T: Thank you for your tutorial I'm just starting out with macrame and I found this very helpful in my learning x
  • Christine E: That was great. Thank u
  • Linda W: Do you have directions written out? Linda W.
    • Hi, Linda! Thanks for watching our tutorial. You can find written directions for this project at I hope this is helpful! Please let me know if you have any questions.