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Mountain Bike Cornering Tips

by Art's Cyclery

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Essential Bike Riding Tips
Lesson 8 – "Mountain Bike Cornering Tips" by Art's Cyclery
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What you'll learn in this course

Planning a bike riding trip? Whether you're riding a road bike or a mountain bike, following these tips can help you have more fun! This collection of short lessons from the bicycle maintenance pros at Art's Cyclery covers a variety of topics, from how to pack for a ride and how to fit a bicycle helmet, to hand signals for riding in a group, to how to fix a broken mountain bike chain. Review these tips before your ride, and have a safer, more enjoyable outing!

How to Pack for a Ride
10 min
Learn More
Be prepared for mechanical failures or injury. Learn how to pack minimally and efficiently for whichever length of mountain or road bike ride you take.
  • Lesson Intro
  • Gel Energy
  • Exercise - Duration
  • Repair a Flat
  • Exercise - Patch Kits
  • Inflate tire
  • Exercise - Quick Repair
  • Micro Caddy Bag
  • Exercise - Bag Placement
  • Stem Bag
  • Exercise - Caddy Bags
  • Mountain Bike Rides
  • Exercise - Small Bag Ride
  • Mountain Ride Bag
  • Exercise - Hydration Pack
  • Mountain Bike Tools
  • Exercise - Duct Tape Alternative
  • Final Assignment
How to Properly Fit a Bicycle Helmet
2 min
Learn More
A helmet is designed to protect you from serious injury in the event of a crash. Learn how to properly fit a helmet for the maximum insurance.
  • Lesson Intro
  • Helmet Fit
  • Exercise - Just the Right Size
  • Chin Strap
  • Exercise - Proper Fit
  • Final Assignment
How to Select a Cycling Jersey
1 min
Learn More
You're ready to ride, but how do you choose the right cycling jersey? Using the three key criteria explained in this lesson: fabric, construction, and features.
  • Lesson Intro
  • The Fabric
  • Exercise - Moisture Wicking
  • The Construction
  • Exercise - Race Cut Jersey
  • The Features
  • Final Assignment
How to Safely Ride a Bike in Traffic
49 sec
Learn More
Learn how to ride your bicycle in traffic - safely! This lesson demonstrates cycling hand signals, merging guidelines, and offers tips for defensive cycling.
  • Lesson Intro
  • Hand Signals & Merging
  • Exercise - Lane Merging Etiquette
  • Defensive Riding
  • Exercise - Riding Defensively
  • Final Assignment
How to Ride a Bike in a Paceline
54 sec
Learn More
Ride like the pros in a cycling paceline! Learn how to get positioned on your bicycle for maximum wind shelter and consistent speeds.
  • Lesson Intro
  • Riding in a Paceline
  • Exercise - Wind Shield
  • Final Assignment
Hand Signals for Group Bike Rides
56 sec
Learn More
Want the ultimate group bike riding experience? Learn to communicate with hand signals that indicate when to slow down, change direction, or avoid hazards.
  • Lesson Intro
  • Pointing to Road Hazards
  • Exercise - Single Hazard
  • Guiding the Group with Hand Signals
  • Exercise - Open Hand
  • Final Assignment
How to Descend on a Road Bike
1 min
Learn More
Racing downhill on a bicycle is an intense thrill - but dangerous without the right technique. Learn how to position yourself for maximum cycling stability.
  • Lesson Intro
  • Weight Distribution
  • Exercise - Hand Position
  • Ideal Line Choice
  • Exercise - Corners
  • Final Assignment
Mountain Bike Cornering Tips
1 min
Learn More
Grab your bike and hit the trail - without biting the dirt - by using these tips for cornering on a mountain bike (first hint: tilt your bike, not your body).
  • Lesson Intro
  • Mechanics
  • Exercise - Tilt
  • Low Attack Position
  • Exercise - Position
  • Final Assignment
How to Fix a Damaged Mountain Bike Chain
4 min
Learn More
Was your mountain bike chain damaged while chasing wild trails? Learn how to identify, remove, and replace the bad links to repair your chain.
  • Lesson Intro
  • Getting Started
  • Exercise - First Step
  • Pushing the Second Pin
  • Exercise - Preserve the Pin
  • Using the Chain Tool
  • Exercise - Pin Tip
  • Final Assignment
DIY Tool for Repairing a Bicycle Chain
1 min
Learn More
Create a DIY tool for fixing your bicycle chain out on the trail using an old spoke or coat hanger! This tool is simple to make but can be crucial for repairs.
  • Lesson Intro
  • Cutting and Bending
  • Exercise - DIY Tool
  • Tuning the Bend
  • Final Assignment
  • 10 step-by-step lessons to master what's important
  • 25 minutes of learning-packed video that isn't sleep-inducing
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