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Arthur Jackson
CEO Arthur Jackson CTC INC

Arthur Jackson is the current CEO of Arthur Jackson CTC Inc.   He has a BSEE in Electrical Engineering, and exensive work history with compnies such as Exxon, Shell, Boeing and others. He also has a Juris Doctorate in Law,  with over twenty (20) years experience working with children, businesses, and communities. 
Through his leadership, CTC is currently under contract to Washington State to conduct state wide training for state employees, and in contract with several partners to offer classes to Texas Schools, and populations in India. He is a former College Chair, and College Dean, Public Health Services System (PHSS) instructor for American Red Cross. He is certified by Medic First Aid as an instructor trainer for Adult, Child, and Pediatric classes in First Aid, CPR, and Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs), and by American Safety Institute as an instructor trainer in Advance First aid, EMT preparation courses and Responder courses.
He has served as Adjunct Professor with several universities, and has designed and taught courses ranging from Political Science (Wealth and Power in America), Business Law, The Legal and Ethical Environment of Business, DC Electronics, Project Management Leadership, and Legal and Ethical Decision Making.  He has written and lectured on subjects involving Ethics and Global Capitalism extensively over the last several years.

He is a Vietnam veteran and  former member of the United States Marine Corp.

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Arthur Jackson


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